Jon Boles, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Visionary,
Jon Boles named top entrepreneur and visionary by

In August 2018, released a press release naming the top entrepreneur and visionary. They said, “Entrepreneurs under 40 are a special group; they have achieved significant standing at a young age, while setting the “entrepreneurial standard” for those striving for independent success.

Regardless of their specific age, or the vertical they work in, these entrepreneurs are successful in ways we cannot always understand. They share similar characteristics, and the ability to put their goals — and their businesses, first.

On a daily basis, they are changing the very definition of success. While entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone; for the people in this article, it is the very cornerstone of their existence.”

“Jon Boles is a visionary and serial entrepreneur having launched 8 successful brands of his own and exited from one in 2018. Over the past decade alone, Jon has helped build and consult for over 140 brands across the country, grossing myriad millions of dollars for his clients along the way.

With the recent cover of Scottsdale health, Jon talked about his latest endeavor, Avintiv Media, which has won 8-awards in under one year and is being recognized as one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in Phoenix, AZ. Avintiv Media’s clients range from Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, a handful of celebrity fitness clients, and many more.

Jon’s passion is being a “High Performance Business Coach” under Avintiv Media where he coaches 30 premium clients around the country to increase their performance in their personal and business life.”


“Becoming 100% authentic and vulnerable was the best decision I’ve ever made in 29 years of my life. You feel invincible and unstoppable when you have 0 fears holding you back. No skeletons in your closet anymore. No masks or pretending anymore.  No fake facade of being happy 24/7. You’d be surprised by how much more successful you become when you do all of the above because money is no longer the motive.”